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Space and Place

DANIEL MOLINA | New York City, United States

Appreciate Time
Under the Brooklyn Bridge, a view from Manhattan, NYC. This individual sits in solitude, not necessarily inviting others into their immediate space. After a rain, under cover of the bridge, one can find a nice cool breeze.

The compilation of work, Space and Place, expresses movement and momentum as a society while also highlighting intimate moments of solitude, self-indulgence, or innocence. These images express a carefree but also inclusive activity, using and transforming public space as an inviting backdrop. These images reflect a diverse population engaged in readiness and development with little care for the voyeur. There is an innate ability to neglect our surroundings as we immerse ourselves in activity and use space for our own justifications. It is after all, a public place and the space we choose to occupy. This series documents the activity within the public space, living America.

Daniel Molina is an American Poet and Documentary Photographer with academic foundations in sociology and psychology. Some influences include Diane Arbus, Lewis Hine, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Herb Ritts, Alfred Stieglitz and Robert Frank. Curatorial projects have been in Cleveland Ohio as well as New York City. “Observational learning and capturing moments are valuable to the human experience.” Daniel Molina

Based in Brooklyn New York, Daniel is a professor at Pace University and Medgar Evers College. Often presented as mixed media, Daniel infuses poetry with images to encapsulate the moment and trigger critical thinking. In a course developed for the Sociology Department at Pace University, The Sociology of Visual Media, students were challenged to understand the perspectives of activist photography, global culture, and transnational media. Enhanced studies at Columbia University in Architectural Photography with a degree in Sociology, Daniel used an interdisciplinary approach to space and place, in his research. He continues to utilize visual media in course offerings and projects.

Daniel Molina

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