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Depleted Uranium - The silent Genocide?

Christian Werner | Iraq

Organization: laif

Who remembers the Iraq war? The country was bombed in 2003. During the three weeks of bombardment, thousand tons of uranium ammunition dropped on cities like Basra and Fallujah and their inhabitants. Damaged but still radiating tanks are standing at the radial roads and testify to the bombardment during the gulf wars. Now, the wrecks and ruins are playgrounds for children. The war is over but many people come into contact with the radioactive material – and they contract leukemia.

The use of DU in munitions is controversial because of questions about potential long-term health effects. It is weakly radioactive and remains so because of its long radioactive half-life. The aerosol or spallation frangible powder produced during impact and combustion of depleted uranium munitions can potentially contaminate wide areas around the impact sites, leading to possible inhalation by human beings. After the Gulf War, the cancer quota rises and a high number of cases of congenital abnormalities was detected. Every day, children are born, who have two heads, no eyes, a spina bifida, palatine clefts or missing arms and legs.

For the multimedia story:

Map design: Anna-lena Kornfeld

Animation: Roman Höfner

Mentoring: Jens Radü

3D Modeling: Ulrich Buckenlei

American and British war veterans gave birth to children after the wars, with the same symptoms. The doctors say it was because of drugs or an unhealthy lifestyle. But the Mainstrem media does not report on all these cases.

This issue of violation of the international law is too important to forget. The disastrous effects are now visible, but reports and surveys about the consequences are still missing.





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