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Northern Life

Chas Morr | Nova Scotia, Canada

Simple tributes to love-ones lost and a sacred place among the local inhabitants.

I was fortunate enough to spend time in Nunavut in 2019, it was a wonderful community that was very welcoming, despite their struggles. I enjoyed communicating with the elders and exploring the community. Life in the north is a struggle for all kinds of reasons, despite that, you find artists, hard working people and children just being kids. One prominent feature of the north that affects all things is the land. Permafrost affects where and how they build or develop and it provides an unusual challenge for honouring those that have passed on. The community does not bury their loved ones as we do in the south. The graves are created above ground using coffins, stones and memory pieces to entomb their family and celebrate memories never forgotten. I have created an exhibit that explores this community and some of its people. I am proud to have met and lived with (for an all to short a time) this community and my time there will be treasured.

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