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We Are Family

Cassi Alexandra | United States

(L) JT, 32, and Jenica Karol, 34, currently live in Cummings, Georgia and met at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida on October 3, 2007. Nine years later, they married in JT’s hometown of Navarre Beach in northern Florida on June 26, 2016, two weeks after the Pulse massacre.

“We Are Family” includes long-form interviews and intimate portraits of a selection of lives affected by the Pulse massacre. Subjects include survivors; members of victim’s families, local religious leaders, Orlando based civic and political figures, as well as LGBTQ+ activists.

Inthe wake of the Pulse massacre on June 12, 2016, in Orlando, Florida "We Are Family" examines the acceptance of violence and recovery process a community goes through after a mass shooting in America. It aims to create an understanding of a community overwhelmed by grief, address the idea of what Americans have accepted as normal in our culture and elevate consciousness about the damaging legacy we are leaving future generations.

My goal is to publish “We Are Family” and use the book as a catalyst to create community engagements focused on healing and acceptance. The project has given me an avenue for personal discovery and healing, and it is my objective to promote that same experience within the Orlando community and beyond.

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