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the AMAHORO generation the youth of Rwanda talk peace

Carol Allen Storey | Rwanda

“I want to become the first female president of Rwanda”
-Jeanne Umutomi

Born during the genocide era, Rwandan’s youth speak of their aspirations, and hope for peace in the aftermath of a brutal war that fractured their nation. They are the generation that wants to be acknowledged as Rwandese, united in purpose, eliminating historical tribal labels of Hutu and Tutsi. They want their legacy to be known as the Amahoro generation, the peace brokers; where the youth of their parent’s generation were brutal warriors.

They believe hatred corrodes morality.

Today’s youth have come together, united in purpose – much of their commitment to reconciliation is rooted in the idea that without peace, there is no future. They believe peace is the nucleolus, the steel platform to construct prosperity and harmony.

Amahoro, means peace; it is the youth’s anchor to pursue their destiny.

 International Alert, London 


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