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Carmen Gonzalez | New York, City, United States

This was the first day of protest back in June - Protesters and police marching together.



Over the past two months, New York City and the rest of the world has united in support of the Black Live Matter movement. Ignited by the horrible death of George Floyd, BLM gives a voice to the voiceless, brings awareness to police brutality, and protests the wrongful death of so many.<>


I have followed the marches, sit-downs, protests, and arrests throughout New York City, trying to immerse myself as much as I could to catch powerful moments filled with strong emotions — peaceful, quiet, loud, musical, artful, angry, and even hateful.<>


My goal was to try capture the beauty of the human spirit during these times, as people of all ages, races, and genders march together as one over long hours, days, weeks, and now months.<>


At times it was challenging to capture some of these moments. So many times I found myself trying to focus on a shot while my eyes were full of tears.<>

It seems for the past two years I have been a witness and participant to situations that changed the course of life as we know it.


Last year, as you can see in my “The Movement That Changed an Island” Exhibit, it was the protests in Puerto Rico that took down the government.


This year, it is the Black Lives Matter movement. Once again I am humbled to participate, along with my camera… to be a witness to history and to share what I saw with you.

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