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Pandemic in Focus

Bridgeport, CT in the Time of COVID-19

Candace Mayer and Curtis Law | CT, United States


We set out to document what  the City of Bridgepeort Connecticut looked and felt like during the Governor's Covid-19 shelter-at-home order in spring of 2020. Abandonment, loneliness and isolation reverberated from the empty strrets, sidewalks, stores, offices, restaurants and public spaces. Through these photographs you can walk these haunting streets during this unimagined time. 

The fabric, structure and rhythm of cities mesmerizes us as it relects our vibrant culture. 

Our hearts beat with the excitement of cities brought to us by diverse people from many walks of life and different cultures and architecture that varies from historic structures, modern office buildings to older multifamily housing and mixed use residential and commercial corridors. During pandemics people flee to their homes to stay safe while we are left wondering who inhabitied the now empty, lonely city. 

Will this indelibel experience lead planners and developers to reimagine the nature and design of cities? Will health and  safety considerations be incorporated into new multifamily housing, commercial  buildings and office designs? How will public policy for affordable housing be revised  while the nation simultaneously struggles with a nationwide affordable housing and homeless crisis? Will planners grapple with new normal to create more resilient communities or retreat to patterns of the past?

These images invite you to see the pandemics impact while imagining  the potential for cities of tomorrow. 

candace mayer/curtis law--cnmyr@aol.com

203-907-5858 (c)

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