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Mama Love

Camille Mosley-Pasley | United States

Nikki Giovanni once wrote "then I awoke and dug that if I dreamed natural dreams of being a natural woman doing what a woman does when she's natural, I would have a revolution." Giovanni's poem Revolutionary Dreams best describes my experience as a mother; my own personal revolution. Like others, I wanted to change the world, stop hunger, stop crime... start a revolution to better the world. But then I became a mother and I realized that being a mother is the most natural and revolutionary thing I could have ever done!
Lydia & Bayé

During portrait sessions, mothers oftentimes express amazement at the magnitude of feelings experienced. To document these expressions, I invited women to my studio for portraits with their children and asked what Mama love meant to them.
This series aspires to give the viewer a glimpse into the special bond between mother and child, acknowledging and honoring their important roll in society. These women are not Madonnas or mother goddesses to be idolized. They are fully human, expressing all the complexities of parenthood. Their personal anecdotes are heart felt and universal.

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