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Pandemic in Focus

COVID-19 DIARY. Normal behind a mask


No culture admitted

I started taking photos as I felt a kind of a moral duty: I wanted to say something with my camera as I find it’s the easiest way to express myself. Initially I was blind, I didn’t know where to go or what to do.

The Italian writer Mario Luzi affirms, “ We are what we remember” so we must hold on tight to our memories in order to confront a reality that’s already quite heavy and tragic.

As such, I became the photographer and I tried to document the lockdown in Conegliano, my little provincial town in the north-east of Italy. I said to myself: no blood, no pain, no suffering. I just want normality albeit behind a facemask. I want to see people working; I want to go inside the little shops that are still open: the grocery stores of my childhood, the greengrocer, the butcher, the newsstand. These little entities used to be the glue of our social fabric and I hope they will start-up again to ensure this function.

More and more it is the normal things that we are missing everyday.

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