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Fleeing Burma

Brenden Allen | Myanmar

The people of Burma are locked in one of the world’s great freedom struggles. The country’s military rulers, the SPDC (State Peace and Development Council), continue to rule by fear and supression.

The SPDC are guilty of obscene human rights violations, of not providing accessible education, and misgoverning an economy with little or no healthcare. They also silence all forms of free speech or thought. Thousands have been killed or imprisoned for merely voicing their desire for a free and democratic country.

The Karen people from Eastern Burma  are one of several ethnic minorities who continue to fight for their autonomy, and so the military has responded by attempting to wipe out all support. So far, in the past ten years, over 3,200 villages have been destroyed in eastern Burma. There are over 600,000 internally displaced people, with well over a million who have fled to other countries.


I hope to bring a human face to this struggle, an attempt to raise the issue beyond a familiar protest cliche. While i was in Burma and Thailand, only too many times did i hear their pleas of seeing peace in their lifetimes, of not having to go to the "third country" and to be able live their simple lives without fear. A basic hope for the future that seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)

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Brenden Allen brengun76@gmail.com +61421460212

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