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Protesting Through The Pandemic: Brooklyn, NY

Bill Livingston | NY, United States

A sit-in early into the protest, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, May 29, 2020

When George Floyd’s life was unnecessarily and brutally snuffed out by Minneapolis law enforcement on May 25, it was yet another final straw…and that straw was set ablaze around the globe. After participating in the Foley Square protest in Manhattan, I arrived at the Barclays Center protest (the first of many) early, raised my fist, my voice and my lens while the proceedings were relatively peaceful. On this warm spring day, four blocks from my home, a beautiful melting pot of humanity stood up for each other against the virus of racial injustice. Even though most were wearing masks to protect themselves from Covid-19, their souls shone brightly through their eyes and furrowed brows. I couldn’t help but capture these images and present them in black and white as a tribute to the great photographers and freedom fighters of the past.


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