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Crossing Mediterranean Sea

Bente Stachowske | Italy

2017/06/16;;Italy; Malta; Mediterranean Sea; Sea-Eye; Mission M7/17;The Sea Eye ship in the SAR (Search and Rescue) zone off the Libyan coast. Close to the 12 miles zone. This boat was the second boat the crew of the Sea Eye discovered in the early morning. The engine was still on the boat and working, for the next hours they had to follow the Sea Eye, not to enter the 12 miles zone off the Libyan coast. The Irish Navy took over the people on their ship later in the afternoon.

According to the UNHCR, 171,332 people arrived Europe after crossing the mediterannean sea in 2017 and 3,081 people died while crossing the sea or are missing. The refugees are in overloaded rubber boats, without lifejackets or sufficient food or water. Rescue vessels operated by NGOs patrol international waters off the north Libyan coast to assist people in distress, provide lifejackets, water and medical support. On board of the Sea Eye ship in the SAR (Search and Rescue) zone off the Libyan coast between the 12 miles and 24 miles zone.

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