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Wilde Blood

Beccy Strong | United Kingdom

Seamus in the Abandoned Pool

Wilde Blood  is both a document of childhood and at the same time a constructed psychological fiction, as much about my son (on the brink of adolescence) and our family relationships, as it is a reflection of my own fear of loss and change.

Since the industrial revolution and the introduction of world standard time there has been a seismic shift for our psyches, from a rhythm intrinsically linked to the natural world to one almost entirely dictated by the clock. For this generation of children there is less freedom than ever before; more control, combined with an ever retreating wilderness. The growing web of technology keeps their imaginations and discoveries inside the matrix, and away from the wild spaces.

If childhood is understood as a sequence of revealed secrets, which form the foundations of the adult, and the building blocks for their understanding of the world around them, then at what cost is our ongoing retreat from the natural order of things?

Beccy holds an MA in Photography and comes from a background in broadcast and commercial film and photography. With over ten years experience working for the BBC, Channel 4, France 3, The National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel on top end natural history and documentary films.

Her photographic practice is broadly rooted in questions about the domestication of our innately wild natures. With an interested in what unites us, the common threads of emotion; fear; longing; love and loss. The work has a simple documentary form and at the same time it is a constructed psychological fiction, holding ideas and references that are perhaps more universal than personal to the subject photographed.

Work from the series Wild is shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society 160 exhibition.

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