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Pandemic in Focus

Covid19: Until Further Notice

Astrid Schulz | London, United Kingdom

London lockdown, Covent Garden

London, Lockdown in March 2020: Already alarmed but still within my old set of routines, I took notice of my neighborhood coffee shops closing their doors. First just a few, than finally all of them, and the restaurants, pubs and bars, cinemas and theatres. Bewildered and yet fascinated I feared this temporary measure to be marking the end of the world as we know it.

Big chains, small social enterprises, long established businesses, young and trendy meeting points: all gone. I gazed through their shop front windows. Each seat is ‘standing’ for a person, no longer sitting there. Each table marks a social network, forced into abandonment. No happy hour, no special deal today, tomorrow, or even the week after.

My shopping trips no longer followed any routine; I planned a different tour each time and visited a new and further located supermarket. Equipped with shopping bag and camera I penetrated through the glass, hungry for a smiling face and a comforting time out. I am wondering: what is going to happen to society? We shall wait for the impact whilst holding on to sanity from home.


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