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Dream of night burns at daylight

Asraful Alam Shovon | Bangladesh


Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in this world.Dhaka,the capital of Bangladesh where people come from different parts of the country with dreams in their eyes.They want to find jobs.Most of them live in slums.They have to live in an unhygienic condition in this slum. Mirpur Rupnagar slum is such a place where people live in slums in small houses according to their capabilities.But the fire of last Wednesday morning (12 March 2020) snatch their dreams.The fire was ignited around 9 am on that day.Within seconds people's homes and dreams turned down in ashes.In the morning they were getting ready for their work as usual while they heard the fire screams.They saw their dreams were burning down.Now there remains only the smell of flesh and the brunt down smell of their hopes and dreams.Though there are so many tall buildings,but they couldn’t find their roof.The sky is their roof.But they are weaving new dreams to see a new day in this slum.<><>

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