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Asif Ahmed | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mustofa is waiting for his son for the last time to see him. Mustofa's son is a migrant of Abu Dhabi in labor for a Work permit Visa.

Bangladesh is the world's 7th most populous nation. To evade poverty, unemployment, and under employment, many Bangladeshi migrate to other countries. Often, they do so even at the cost of their lives. Over 2.2 million young adults join the job market in Bangladesh each year. According to the report, there were around 281 million international migrants in the world in 2020. Some people move in search of work or economic opportunities, to join family, or to study. Others move to escape conflict, persecution, terrorism, or human rights violations. Still, others move in response to the adverse effects of climate change, natural disasters, or other environmental factors, in most cases, migrant laborers come to their work because of unfavorable economic and social conditions in their home regions. Bangladesh is the 6th largest migrant-sending country globally, people who migrate to the main host countries are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and India.

Each year, more than 400,000 workers leave Bangladesh for overseas employment. 


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