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Sombre Caste

Antonios Pasvantis | Greece

A Pomak family on their bikes driving back to their village
Rousa/Evros/Greece Aug 2, 2015
Pomaks are an ancient Thracian tribe and they are muslims who believe in Alevism. Pomaks consist of a muslim minority in Greece. They are living on Rodopi mountains and their community had been neglected by Greek governments over time. Past years in order to enter to their territory it was necessary to get permission from a local police station and to specify the reason you were entering to their territory. Nowadays youngsters don’t speak their mother dialect anymore. They speak mainly Turkish and not fluent Greek.

Sombre Caste documents the aftermath of the ten year Greek crisis on the Ethnically sensitive area of Evros River and spot on the rise of a new class of citizens after the collapse of the middle class in Greece.
Evros is the natural border between Greece and Turkey. Also it’s theterritory where people from four different ethnicities (Greeks, Turkish minority, Roma and Pomak minority) live together in peace. According tocensus of 2011 the vast number of the minority are calling themselves Turkish or according to Greek government Turkish speaking minority. The rest of them are Roma(Sunnis) and Pomaks(Alevis). Pomaks an ancient Thracian tribe have beenneglected by the greek governments over time and that they are oppresed by the Sunnis nowadays.
Evros is the gate from Middle East for millions of refugees who want to reach Europe.Illegal crossings combined with rise of the poverty creates a fake narration to localsthat refugees will alter their civilization and their lives.
Politicians invest on this narration and nobody deals with the area’s really important issues and this turn Evros to an uncharted land.

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