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The Yanomami Indigenous People Revisited

Antonio Mari | Brazil

The village of Maturaca

In July 2021 young and old Yanomami leaders were gathered together in the village of Maturaca,  state of Amazonas in Brazil, to discuss among other things, the destruction of their land and culture inflicted by the policy of annihilation promoted by the federal government. At that time they had passed a bill in Congress {PL 2633} that facilitates the invasion of public land and indigenous territories by “grileiros” or land grabbers. Another one called PL490/2007 (projeto de lei) bill now being considered among lawmakers will do away with indigenous groups and will extinguish the Amazon rainforest. Recently the forest started emitting more carbon dioxide than absorbing it. Life on earth without the Amazon forest would be a complete disaster.

This year we witnessed in the COP26 - The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, a series of demonstrations by indigenous peoples from all over the world against the devastation of their land and the consequent aggravation of global climate change. In Brazil there were protest marches in the streets of the federal capital, Brasilia. At that same time I was deep in the Amazon rainforest documenting the general congress of all the Yanomami Indians leadership who gathered together to devise a plan of action to combat the invasion and destruction of their land. The Yanomami are considered one of the last stone-age tribes on earth. They are the face of the Amazon rainforest. Numbered about 35,000 scattered along the boarder with Venezuela deep in the forest, they are sitting on their demarcated territory of 9.6 million hectare, twice the size of Switzerland. Their land is covered with pristine rainforest and is extremely rich in noble woods, gold and other coveted minerals. The Amazon rainforest where they live for millennia is being invaded and destroyed by farmers, loggers and gold miners. They are the guardians of the forest and their story deserve to be told.

APIB - Articulação dos Povos Indigenas do Brasil {Articulation of the Indigenous People of Brazil}

Antonio Mari

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