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Native Sea

Antonio Denti | Italy


A dive in my native sea with my child son awakes me on the fact that the enviromental crisis - the most terrifying in an age of many crises - is not an abstract concept but an existential threat. As I cross with him the border between the aerobic world where we belong and the magic blue where we can venture but not survive for long - I see the lights, colours and smells that shaped my heart and taught me the wordless lessons that still guide my life. In my near-by town, Catania, everything - the fish market, the religious procession, the alleys - speaks of hard survival in a world that is not perfect. Inside my native sea, everything speaks of the marvel of life and of the fact that nobody will come and save this Kingdom if I don't.  

The enviromental crisis is probably the most terrifying in this age of many crises. And yet - even if I follow the debates, the science, the protests - it often feels abstract to me. A dangerous misperception.
That, until my son asked me to dive with him in our native sea. Il Mare Originario. That minuscule, specific portion of Earth where my life was born and developed. That tiny slice of world that gave my heart its shape. The light, the smells, the creatures that taught me - as a child - all the wordless lessons on life that still guide me. On top, that the world is not perfect but immensely beautiful and that there can be no joy without fear to dive in, and then courage to dive in.  As I swim with him - crossing the border between the aerobic world where we belong and the magic blue where humans can venture but cannot survive for long - I feel all this again. On my skin. As if it was always there. And my heart regroups like an army. Finally feeling the urgency to do something, with all abstraction gone. Because I know now that nobody will come and save this kingdom, if I don't. 

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