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Portraits Of My Father

Antoine Didienne | CA, United States


It is an ongoing portrait series looking at the diaspora of the fathers of today in order to challenge stereotypes of the past. It is also an introspection/exorcism of what my relationship with my father was NOT like growing up (loving and close) compared to what my relationship with my children IS like today. It is also a symbol of my eternal search for father figures. 

I ran into a friend that works as a program director at a non-profit and we talked about starting a project together featuring fathers of immigrants. The concept eventually percolated into the one I am currently finishing up: looking at what fatherhood looks like today. My goal was to photograph 40 fathers of all types and their children and to talk about masculinity, love, and parenting visually, and challenge the assumptions that usually come with it. 

in order to do that visually, I wanted the setup to be consistent and easy (one gray backdrop, one 24' octa) to replicate so that my attention would be solely dedicated to my subjects. I also aimed at creating portraits that were organic and that reflected the relationships they had with each other instead of artificially posing them.

I sought to photograph fathers of all kinds: Ones that have adopted children or that were adopted themselves; recomposed families; fathers and kids with special needs; dads that have used surrogates in order to have children; fathers and kids with mixed backgrounds of all kinds, of all classes... and what I have come to truly realize since starting this project is that DNA doesn't mean much when it comes to being a father.

Project Concern International (PCI Global)

Antoine Didienne



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