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Vanishing Identities

Annette Bonnier | Africa

Nuer Tribesman - Smoke & Shadow with Cattle in Village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, Africa, 2016

Vanishing Identities

Indigenous Tribes in the Southern Omo Valley of Ethiopia and Northern Kenya have existed for hundreds of years yet the outside world has infiltrated their balance and their survival is at a higher risk that ever before.

The Ethiopian Government has built three hydroelectric dams upstream of Tribal Villages and the lack of water is affecting their way of life. The latest, Gilgel Gibe III Dam, opened in October 2015.

The social and environmental impact has not been addressed properly by the government of Ethiopia. An estimated 200,000 people live in the Southern Omo Valley and rely on the Omo River below the dam for flood recession agriculture in an extremely arid environment. They also rely on water for their cattle and goats.

New modern roads are bringing more people into their areas, and tourism is changing their way of life as well.

The earth exists through a delicate balance and the effects on these indigenous tribes is unconscionable. Protecting their land and rivers is necessary for survival.




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