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We are real, we are important

Anna Hartman Ksycinska | Poland

Anna (they/them) and Dannie (they/them), nonbinary persons from Riga, Latvia, in Lastadija Cultural Quarter, the Riga district that being hosted by Free Riga organization is the common place for non-profit organizations, artists and activists.

Nonbinary people feel their gender identity cannot be defined within the margins of gender binary. They understand their gender beyond simply identifying as either a man or woman, they can feel partly both or none, they may feel their gender is fluid; they use different pronouns- often gender-neutral singular „they”, but also gender-inclusive pronouns or new-pronouns, which differ depending on the language.

The term „nonbinary” was created in 1990 and still is mostly incomprehensible, despite the fact that non-binary people make up about 11% of LGBT+ people. Nonetheless, only some countries legally recognize nonbinary identities.

Project „We are real, we are important” gives voice to nonbinary young people, who are brave enough to struggle for the change. They live in different countries : Poland, Estonia, Latvia. They have different professions, education, plans for the future. But in common they have sensibility, vulnerability, awareness of their identity and the courage to fight for equality and the end of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

As a photographer I am mainly focused on social issues, I would like to investigate and depict social injustice and try to look trough the eyes of individuals who lack social acceptance or have troubles in establishing their place in society. My ongoing project aims to create better understanding of non-cisgender persons, who are often denied basic human rights and have to struggle for dignity and freedom.




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