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The Faces of Tea Garden

Anindita Roy | Bangladesh

Nayan Tara is 12 years old. She works in the tea garden as a worker. She was on the way to meet her friends in the evening after finishing her daily work.

Female workers of the tea Gardens in Sylhet. They work very hard in the tea garden. These women are the main workforce of their families, in some cases, they are the only workforce. The female workers are the main day labourers in the tea garden. They work very hard to meet up the daily  target, but paid only 100 take daily. They take very limited & ordinary lunch at the time of their work. They lead a very poor & unhealthy life too.

The lower caste people came from different provinces of India like Bihar, Udisha, Uttar Padesh, Andhra Pradesh are basically the workers in different tea gardens in Bangladesh. At the time of British rule the ancestors of these workers have been brought forcefully from their homeland to work in these tea gardens. Several times they tried to return back to their own land, but failed.

They looked very happy when I asked them to be my model. Primarily they did not allow me to take their photographs. They were afraid of loosing their jobs. But I managed their male leader and eventually they agreed and allowed me to capture their smiling natural photographs.

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