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Shellman, Georgia - Defying Time

Andreas Bruhwiler | Georgia, United States

Center of Shellman, GA. In the middle the Public Park and the famous Back Porch. To the right the depot.

Located in Randolph County, Shellman, GA is a city with a population of 950 - 63% Black or African American, 34% White (2020 Census). Cotton and corn are grown in the backlands around the city and make agriculture the most important economic sector of the area.

In 2013 and again in 2019 friends of mine, visual artist and composer Ray Pierotti and Gene Lewis, granted me the privilege to exhibit my work in their Center for Art & Rehabilitative Energies in Shellman.

New and welcome

I spent most of the time during my visits driving and walking the streets of the city and its backlands, taking photos and talking to people I randomly met.
Soon I was known as ‘the Swiss photographer’ and people were welcoming me in their community.

Light and colors

The hot sun and the red soil create a light similar to what I knew from Provence region, France.
It creates intense colors in the landscape and in the urban areas.

Black and white

People live in Shellman in one community.
Although, I feel that they live separate lives.

For over 50 years I have been developing my love for photography and my ownstyle.
It is my challenge to surprise the viewer through my work. Hopefully, little by little to train his or her eye to be more sensitive to normal things.

Capturing everyday objects, picturing everyday things that the normal eye often misses, and showing it from a different point of view.
This is what my work portrays.

I rarely manipulate the photos digitally.

I am sometimes using unusual photosizes while using traditional and new styles of framing and mounting the photographs.
I look for unity between the photograph and its presentation.

Andreas Bruhwiler, 1954
Swiss citizen - living in Dalton, GA (USA) since 2003


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