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30 beyond the green line - Lebanese society thirty years after the civil war

Andrea Ferro | Lebanon

Organization: Redux Pictures

A view of the city of Beirut from the souther outskirts

May 2020 is a very important date for Lebanon. Thirty years will have passed since the end of the civil war. Despite the elapsed time, not much is said about it, and for those who suffered its consequences the war is still perceived as an open wound. This way, the gap with the new generations has progressively widened, preventing the necessary catharsis within Lebanese society. The title refers to the famous “green line”, the former front line that divided the city of Beirut in two sides, with Christians on the east, and Muslims on the west. In this project, shot in Beirut, locations are deeply meaningful for the subjects portrayed. They're always connected with civil war's past, or current issues. As demonstrated by the uprisings exploded throughout the country on October 17th 2019, whose causes are to be traced back over the last thirty years, there are still many problems unresolved.

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