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We live to leave a mark (Nosu biveus po lassai arrastu)

Andrea Cocco | Sardinia, Italy

05:42 AM

The primary sector of the economy in Sardinia (Italy), in the specific farming and fishing, currently offers work to 8,7% of the employed. The exasperating crisis of the Sardinian primary sector has caused the reduction of job opportunities, with a consequent decrease in the number of employees. 

The primary sector lives in the constant grip of its economic crisis, that worsened starting from the 60s, years in which the Parliament approved the Piano Rinascita (Renaissance Plan), with the aim of financing and facilitating the industrialization of Sardinia.  The Plan, which also intended to weaken the agro-pastoral socio-economic structures that were thought to feed the phenomenon of banditry, failed, causing further social disintegration. The advent of the industrialist culture limited the agricultural transformation. Over the years, exhausted by a perennial job insecurity, many farmers and fishermen left their jobs to work in the factories, capable of guaranteeing a secure salary.

The stories of Francesco, Tarcisio and Davide represent thousands of Sardinian farmers and fishermen who, despite facing difficulties, work hard every day keeping alive a sector that for centuries has been the economic engine of the island.


Nosu biveus po lassai arrastu is not only a documentary project that tells about 3 different realities that make up the Sardinian primary economic sector, but it is also a personal journey to the island where I was born and raised.
Far from what can be considered a photojournalistic work, the project is an exploration of an archaic world rich in history and tradition through a poetic and nostalgic photography.
While telling through the images a rather delicate and dramatic topic for the territory of Sardinia, I have deliberately left aside the drama of the situation, to leave room for the feeling of remembrance. Memory is often linked to a particular element (color, smell, taste, sound, image, movement, person, etc ...) to which the mind "clings" to reconstruct the environment and context that characterized a particular situation.

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