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Roots are the beginning of Life. This documentary focuses on the present life and traditions of a Witoto-Muroy lineage living in the peruvian Amazon jungle.

We traveled for change, as a group of individual, to different regions of Peru to bring local knowledge of medicine and crafts to the world, together with stories about legacy and identity of indigenous people.

Our story is about a getaway for urban people, to a place where everyone transforms and becomes a child of the Amazon, learning to listen to the voices of nature, going back to basics. The main parallels we focus on are about co-existence, family bonds, inheritage, protection of knowledge about sacred plants like Ayahuasca or San Pedro.

The documentary recorded stories from a grandfather of Witoto-Muroy lineage, who presented his people´s legacy and identity, including traditional dances. He shared with us childhood memories about wisdom and nature and projected his wishes for the preservation of their tribe, language and tradition. Ayahuasca experiences and nature medicine remain as important aspects for the preservation of this people.

Credits to our tour guide and facilitator Nicolas Prassinos, a greek man of knowledge who has lived in the amazon jungle for over 20 years, learning and collecting experience about nature medicine that he has practised with all his patients through his therapy work.

He has shared with us part of his knowledge about sacred plant medicines and stories from the jungle, including the years he lived with members of the Witoto tribe we visited.

The journey into the jungle is like entering a dreamscape.
As photographers and artists, there is a fascinating universe of colors, textures, motives, details, close ups, shapes, trees, species, insects of all kind... Everything is so exotic and so pure that we could even inhale the pure essences of the elements through our camera lenses.
Having got the chance of witnessing a true connection to nature and the Witoto family that hosted us, our perception of reality has changed and we feel deeply grateful for taking part in this community living experience.
We were specially amazed by the children of the tribe, energetic, curious and playful children with welcoming hearts. We wish they can continue with their education and be able to preserve their culture and quechua language.

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2) Calle Tarfia 7, 4A CP 41012, Sevilla ,Spain  0034 630 244 479

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