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Bangladesh:On the Threat of Climate Change

Aminul Sawon | Bangladesh

A woman takes care of her cattle on a flood submerged island

Faced with one of the worst floods in recent years, families in low-lying areas of Bangladesh have been finding new ways to get through tough times. Flooding wreaks havoc every year, affecting millions. Homes, farms, roads and essential services have been destroyed. People still find the time to help their neighbors survive. On lonely islands surrounded by rising flood waters, people struggle to save their livestock. The cows are their livelihood. They mean the world to them. Vast areas are under water, making villages inaccessible by road. The flooding contaminates water sources. When villagers are forced to use dirty water for cooking, drinking, and bathing, it leads to diseases and infections. Households in flooded areas scramble to protect treasured personal possessions and valuables when waters rise to dangerous levels. For many, it is a near to impossible task. Here, flood waters recede, but stress and hardship remain for many survivors.

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