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Alexander Gouletas | United States

DeCarri Robinson organizer of the Stripper Strike Chicago demonstration. Of Those impacted Economically by Covid-19. Sex workers have no worker protection. “Our income is taxed and we have to pay the house in order to work, but we don’t benefit from it,” Robinson said. “All we got when things shut down was a text message saying that we were out of a job.” “We’re fighting for the human rights that you are granted at every place you work,” Robinson said. “Why is it okay for me to be assaulted?” DeCarri Robinson

This image appeared in the Triibe "Who do we mean when we say ‘Black Lives Matter?’
​The Triibe/ By ​Matt Harvey

A series of editorial portraits from a list of prospective subjects working in the activist space, and those that have dedicated their lives to social reform.

interviews, and qoutes :

Black Folks Can’t Get No Rest
The Triibe/ By Tiffany Walden

"Who do we mean when we say ‘Black Lives Matter?’
​The Triibe/ By ​Matt Harvey

"Let’s thank Chicago Mayor Harold Washington for MLK Day
TheTriibe / By Tonia Hill

The Revolutionary Column | Is Kim Foxx a scape/GOAT?
The Triibe/ By Bella BAHHS

"When reporting on movement actions, revolutionary joy must be given the same space as the struggle"
The Triibe/ B​y Matt Harvey

Chicago Sun Time 

Them. by Grace del Vecchio

This Land Was Promised for Housing. Instead It’s Going to a Pro Soccer Team Owned by a Billionaire. Mick Dumke /ProPublica

My project explores a shift in focus from activism and civil disobedience movements to the individual who choses to do activist work. A story usurped loses the nuances of humanity. We are too often led to consume broad, benign generalizations. Thus, my project strives to expose the authentic narrative beneath the threshold of a muddied and popularized zeitgeist. I am looking for the story to be told from the perspective of the people actually doing the work. From on-the-street organizers to policy makers, this project seeks the space for individuals to speak in their own words.

I have been covering activism and civil disobedience primarily in Chicago for the better part of a decade. I will continue in this vein of journalism as I believe in the significance of the individual voice; the organizer; the undervalued and underseen driving force for change. Journalism has the potential to give unfettered space to these individuals. I will continue to advocate space for the activist and subvert an oversimplification of their purpose. The only way to do this work is going to the direct source– the person.

The Triibe


Chicago SunTimes 


Alexander Gouletas

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