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We the women

Alejandra Moral | Virginia, United States

We are Dreamers

“We the women” is a series of portraits of empowered women that embrace diversity and celebrate womanhood. It is a tribute to the brave women that fought for our rights and brought us all this far. This project seeks to empower future generations of women, to inspire them to chase their dreams and to remind that together we can shape a new society free of gender norms and stereotypes.

This project is currently ongoing.

My work is inspired by womanhood. I create photographs that speak beyond the image, beyond the standardized beauty of women, and tell stories of growth, embrace and celebration. My work is a tribute to the brave women that brought us all this far and an inspiration for future generations of women to accept themselves as they are and to believe in themselves.

Digital photography is my natural medium for creating images. Since my approach is to keep the essence of my photographs raw and real, lately I am exploring the possibilities that medium-format and instant film offer. Mainly moved by its authenticity and texture, I resonate with the truth of the process and the organic look of the resulting photographs.

Achieving gender equality remains a challenge even in developed countries. Empowerment is the fuel to step forward, believe in yourself, and transform the world. Being a woman and having my own daughter makes me feel committed to inspire others through my photography that each of us can feel empowered no matter our age, color or social condition.

Email: hello@alejandramoral.com

Instagram: alejandramoralphotography

Facebook: alejandramoralphotography

Web: www.alejandramoral.com

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