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Javier Fergo | Spain

Maite Sanchez shouts calling her cows on a mountain top near the village of Goizueta, in Navarra, Spain, Wednesday, Aug. 29 2018. Maite Sánchez (Rentería, 1964) has maintained a self-sufficient living for over twenty years. She lives at the small village of Goizueta, northern Navarra, with her sons and grandsons. Where they have recovered an endangered autochthonous wild kind of cow breed named Betizu, known for their fierce character. She looks after over 100 heads that live free and in their habitat on the top of the mountains. (©Javier Fergo)

Barely three years ago, a group of "ganaderas" (spanish for women livestock producers) in Spain decided to associate themselves in order to champion women´s rights and underscore their prominent role as producers in rural societies, a role which had been traditionally fulfilled by men. In doing so, they also aim to defend and safeguard the best of the rural way of live. They called themselves “Ganaderas en Red”.


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