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Lost Beauty

Marky Kauffmann | Massachusetts, United States

Lost Beauty Burns Face Lift

In contemporary culture, the desperate attempt to look young trumps all. For women especially, age is the enemy. We will succumb to the knife, the chemical, even the poison in an attempt to change what is inevitable. As an aging woman, I am fascinated by, but also revolted by the steps we take to reverse the signs of age. There are myriad treatments available, from Botox and deep-plane facelifts, to liposuction and breast augmentation.

The question I am asking is what is lost? The answer is complicated. I believe the mass media's idealized depiction of female beauty has a profound effect on a woman's mind and soul. I believe what is lost is the story on every aging woman's face of struggle, survival, even triumph.

These portraits were shot on film with a Mamiya 645 camera. The silver prints were created in the darkroom, then bleached in various ways with potassium ferricyanide. I use the bleach symbolically. It becomes my metaphorical visualization of all the things women will do to prevent aging.

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