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Art Gallery Representation for Photographers

Instructor: Steven DeWitt
7:30 – 9:00 pm Eastern via Zoom
Six Mondays beginning February 14, 2022

Course fee: $400 / 25% deposit to confirm registration
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Photo by Steve Dewitt

Class Description

It can be rewarding and lucrative for documentary photographers to sell their work through an art gallery. However, art galleries are notoriously secretive and hard to get into. Finding a gallery with an experienced staff that is interested in representing your work and is a good fit can be daunting obstacles.

Art galleries allow people to engage with a photographer’s work in a unique and deeply human way that can often turn one time purchasers into lifelong collectors. But photography is by far the most difficult artistic medium to sell in the US that requires experienced and highly skilled art consultants to place an artist’s work with collectors. Seeking art gallery representation demands significant commitment but, when done right, the relationship established between an artist and their gallery can last a lifetime. 

In this course, photographer and veteran gallerist Steven DeWitt offers an unvarnished look into the elusive world of retail fine art. By sharing knowledge gained from a 20-year career as an art gallery professional, DeWitt is pulling back the curtain to reveal insider information that most gallery professionals keep close to the chest. If you’re considering selling your work through an art gallery, this course will cover topics related to finding art gallery representation including:

  • Demystifying Art Galleries
  • Understanding the Process
  • Identifying and Setting Goals
  • Developing Artists Statements
  • Finding Art Galleries
  • Pitching to Art Galleries
  • Pricing Your Work
  • Editions Examined
  • Mediums Examined
  • Framing Examined
  • Contracts
  • Understanding Sales
  • Building Staff and Client Relationships
  • Your Role in Gallery Coordinated Exhibitions and Art Fairs
  • Managing Expectations about Gallery Advertising and Promotion
  • Gallery/Artist Shipping and Insurance Best Practices
  • Insider Pro Tips

Steven DeWitt

Steven DeWittSteven DeWitt is a New York City based photographer and photographer consultant. He offers one-on-one consultation to photographers seeking art gallery representation using knowledge gleaned from 20 years as an art consultant, curator, artist liaison, art handler and gallery director for art galleries in Vail, Boston and New York City.

DeWitt has helped clients throughout the world build their collections with works by both historic and contemporary artists. He has placed paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photography and mixed media created by some of the world’s most renowned visual artists including Rembrandt, Cassatt, Tissot, Picasso, Chagall, Frankenthaler, Hirst, Curtis and Halsman. After more than 50,000 hours on art gallery sales floors, he has thoroughly examined what sells, what doesn’t and the reasons why.


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$400 Total
Option to pay 25% deposit now with balance due one week before course starts.

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