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Miguel Candela | Bangladesh

In the district of Faridpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh, these sex workers reside and live within one place; the brothel. This house serves as both home and place of business.

In the village of Faridfur just outside the Bangladesh capital, there is a community of women who were forced into circumstances where they become sex workers. Some had no choice to take prostitution as a means to earn a living while there are others who inherit the work of their mothers. Once one becomes a prostitute, they become outcasts in their society.

Facing poverty, hardships and the condemnation of their society, these women have realized and discovered the power of cooperation. After countless demonstrations, and after media interest was stirred, prostitutes have earned the right to fight for their rights. They don’t have to walk barefoot when they leave the brothel anymore, and their bodies can be buried in a cemetery, though still in a separate one. “Society uses us to fulfill their human needs, but treats us like animals”, criticizes Ahya Begum, president of the Prostitute Association of Faridpur.

Society has forced them to live in darkness while men love them and hate them in equal measure. This is the intolerable contradiction that is their everyday live.

 NGO Action Aid in Bangladesh.

 This project aims to photo document these women’s struggles and
possible transformation of the way they live and are treated by their own people.

It is hoped that this endeavor can also serves as an eye opener for the world to see that women of Bangladesh will no longer be held hostage by their, class or caste in a society. Though mostly uneducated, these women have become aware of their rights, the need to be protected from sexual diseases, and their rights to be treated equal or with fairness to enable themselves to escape the hardships of becoming prostitutes.

The struggles of the sex workers of Bangladesh is an interesting story that needs to be told. Women who are treated like animals, slaves in this generation to poverty are banding together to ask for opportunities to change their lives by demanding respect from their more well-off peers. This is an important story the world needs to see and learn that in the world, people are attempting to gradually balance their lives.

  NGO Action Aid in Bangladesh.

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