Group of youths spending time outside Queensbridge Houses South...believed to be the most violent section of Queensbridge.

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WILHELM SCHOLZ has enjoyed a successful career as both a commercial and documentary photographer and director. Known for his location work, he is equally comfortable shooting portraits, sports and automotive for advertising clients, as he is capturing the underbelly of humanity for his documentary projects.

SCHOLZ, who is German and Spanish, grew up mainly in Spain with some of his youth spent in Chile. He studied journalism in college, aspiring to become a war photographer. After a brief internship at NBC News, he decided on a different direction, embarking on a 9-month photographic odyssey documenting the impact of drugs and terrorism in the Andes and Amazonia.

Eventually, advertising agencies took notice of the design and travel elements in his work. Now fifteen years later, he remains one of the few advertising photographers that shoot both commercial and documentary projects. Whether stills or motion, SCHOLZ is specially drawn to photograph something new that’s out of his realm and environment, giving him an opportunity to capture the unexpected - but within his conventional control. In his personal work, he gravitates towards the human intereset / human condition aspects for subject matters.

His commercial work, although cleaner and less gritty, SCHOLZ prefers “design driven” photographs with just about any subject matter. He is interested in constructing an image but when it comes to portraiture, he describes his process as “ a collaborative effort”.

SCHOLZ list of clients have included companies such as American Express, Porsche Cars, US Army, The New York Times, Novartis, Conde Nast Publications among others. His book / personal project have touched the subjects on poverty, transnational economic opportunities as well as the lives of remote cultures.