Portrait of young man in a shisha cafe in Tripoli, Libya

Steven Edson

steve@stevenedson.com 617-993-3212 United States

Topics of Focus

People, Places, Human Rights, Health, Economy, Technology, Farming, Environments, Housing, Architecture, Sexuality, Rock n Roll, Cars,

Geographic Areas of Focus

Asia, North Africa, Europe, North America


In my early years while growing up just outside of NYC, my father would shoot both stills and super 8mm movies of family events. I knew that there was something incredibly emotional about seeing photographs which had the power to make us laugh or cringe and even force my grandmother rip up a picture, because she didn't like the way she was aging. I was also exposed to seeing issues of Life Magazine and National Geographic and I knew that a camera in the hands of masters, there was magic and power in the photographic image which allowed me to see the world in a very new way.

In high school, they had built a small darkroom and I eagerly got involved with shooting and processing my own film and learning the art of making B&W prints. It wasn't what I saw that fascinated me, but how what I saw, became transformed within a frozen moment of time and point of view.

My first professional photo shoot occured when I was 15 years old. A neighbor knew that I loved shooting photographs and asked me to photograph her wedding. After studying photography as a fine art medium at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts, I immediatley turned to making this my career. I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years, working as a freelance photographer in editorial for magazines and newspapers, direct with corporate communications, advertising and design agencies as well as non profits organizations. Through out, I have pursued my own personal projects and my own artistic vision.

Today, I continue to take on outside projects as well as pursue my own vision.

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