Sascha Richter


Topics of Focus

Social Issues, Identity, Minorities


Social documentary photographer born in Berlin, Germany in 1987.

In early 2015 I graduated from Humboldt University of Berlin, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Southeast Asia studies and Philosophy.

During these days I started to make my first serious photographic attempts and fell in love with visual language and expression.

After graduating my focus turned solely on photography, especially on  personal documentary projects, concerned mainly with social exclusion and identity issues.



The Diplomat / Asia Times / The News Lens / Positive Magazine / P3 / Edge of Humanity Magazine / Kontinente / CTXT


Awards/ Nominations


Days Japan International Photojournalism Award: Finalist



International Photographer of the Year: Honorable Mention, Photojournalism / Story

Monochrome Awards: Honorable Mention, People

Tokyo International Foto Awards: Honorable Mention, Editorial-Photo Essay

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris: Honorable Mention, Portraiture/Culture

International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention, Family of Man, Old Age

International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention, Photo Essay and Feature Story



International Photographer of the Year: Honorable Mention (2x), Photojournalism / Story and Portrait

Moscow International Foto Awards: First Place, Portfolio-Personal

Travel Photographer of the Year: Finalist




Driving Forces - Pondy Art, Pondicherry, India – Group Show