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THE PROJECT ROOM's Art & Education program shares outstanding humanitarian work in our global community and provides our THREADS THAT BIND US programming to other remote villages and communities in need. Make sure to click on our Video/Multi Media link

Patti (bella luca) Bartelstein 847 400 4626 United States

Topics of Focus

art & education, international development, social justice, human rights, human development

Geographic Areas of Focus

international development


Patti Bartelstein, (aka bella luca), is a Visual Artist and Founder of THE PROJECT ROOM. She is Artistic Director of Arts & Education programs, curator & creative Photo-Documentarian. Patti is collaborative and creative, visionary and pragmatic, a dreamer and a doer. Her dedication to THE PROJECT ROOM focuses on investigating themes of well-executed conceptual depth by crossing disciplines and featuring often under-recognized work across the globe; specializing in the development and implementation of workshops and programs with world class leaders and facilitators, stressing upon the importance of overlapping the fine arts with the broad range of applied & liberal arts and sciences. The driving force for Patti (bella luca), is the priceless value of connectivity thru exploration, experiential learning and creative collaborations. The results of THEPROJECT ROOM’s programs have been proven to expose and support critical work in the creative fields,which directly inspire action to positively impact our world.