With the world economy taking a downturn, life in these slums has also taken a turn for the worst. Prices go up while salaries stay the same. Which means customers spend less. Condoms have become luxuries. Prostitutes await for clients at the entrance of the three floor building brothel.

Miguel Candela

mcandelaphoto@gmail.com Spain

Topics of Focus

human rights, gender discrimination, social issues

Geographic Areas of Focus



I am a Spanish photographer based in Hong Kong specializing in humanitarian and social reportage throughout Southern Asia. I have a passion for documenting human rights issues such as minority and gender discrimination, human trafficking, and poverty. I focus on culture and traditions from a human perspective by viewing everything through my lens, and report on the environment issues that impact the community.

Photography has given me the strength and confidence to fight for something greater than myself, and it also helps me achieve things that were previously unimaginable. Through photography, I push boundaries and remind myself that I can always do better, as I am my own biggest detractor. To me, photography is not just a profession, but a way to live and view the world. A camera is a tool to capture our present for posterity I feel extremely fortunate and grateful to have experienced and learnt about new cultures while capturing the diversity of humanity. I can hardly imagine my life without photography, it would not be complete.

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