"I know that the work I’m doing is very dirty. Everyone keeps a distance from us waste pickers. It is a disgrace, but I know that the work we are doing is very useful. I’m not only working to make a living, but also for the environment. People need to understand the importance of segregation. If the waste doesn’t get segregated, it will lead to more flooding, like we have seen in 2005. I don’t need praises for working in the dirt created by others. I would be more than happy if people would just acknowledge the importance and the impact of our work. This recognition would give some dignity to our work. We don’t want other people’s money or help, we just want some respect for what we are doing."

Liza Van der Stock

lizavdstock@gmail.com 0032486379172 Belgium


My name is Liza Van der Stock and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. In my work, I integrate my sociological background into photography to make photo documentaries that focus on relevant social issues.

In 2015, I graduated magna cum laude from the Universiteit Gent with a Master's degree in Sociology (Conflict and Development major). In the same year, I also acquired the Bachelor in Photography degree (magna cum laude) at KASK School of Arts Gent. In 2016, I completed the Master in Photography program of KASK School of Arts Gent (cum laude). Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD in the Arts at the Universiteit Antwerpen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.