A young boy named Ravi plays a traditional hoop rolling game using local waste materials.

Galen Stolee

United States


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Email: galen AT galenstolee.com

After living in Asia for five years doing everything from travel photography and photojournalism to activism and non-profit work, I am now based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and am currently developing my next project.

My work focuses on the evolving relationship between indigenous cultural traditions and practices and the spread of globalization throughout the developing world. Rapid expansion of free trade, particularly across Southeast Asia, has brought new prosperity but also new challenges to the people living in these regions. While some have managed to assimilate their own values and practices into the larger flow, others have struggled to find ways to keep their traditions alive in the face of new economic and social realities. My aim is to document this story as a way of revealing what we've gained, what we're losing, and how we can find points of balance between the two.