Like many of the most recent popular Arabic series, Bab al-Hara is a Syrian production, financed by the Gulf-state satellite channels. It reflects a new trend representing the shift of Arabic media dominance away from the Egyptians to the Syrians.

Claudia Wiens 00201001109029 Egypt

Topics of Focus

Human interest stories, culture, people

Geographic Areas of Focus

Middle East, North Africa, Turkey


Born 10th October 1972 in Dortmund, Germany.

When I was about five years old, my grandfather introduced me to black and white photography, with most of our Saturday afternoons spent in his darkroom developing photos. From this time, fate simply led me forward to where I am now – taking photos for international magazines, agencies, organisations and museums.

Since 1999, most of my time has been spent living and working in Egypt, first to realise my own photographic projects for my studies, and then to establish a career driven by my passion of immersing myself in different cultures and being as close as possible to the people. My fluent Arabic is always a great help to establish trust with the people I love to take photos of. Beside assignments I somehow always manage to find time for my own photographic projects. The camera is my tool to discover the world and I can’t imagine to live without photography.