HOPE Becker (1967-2002) Addicted to crack & alcohol. 2 children. Photo’d July 1997 at age 30 (also photo’d Nov 2002, five weeks before her murder). Hope’s father was part Cherokee (hence her look) and part German (hence her name). Sexually abused by three of her mom’s successive four husbands, she sacrificed herself to one of them in order to protect her younger sisters from him. Off crack and off the streets for 5 years before relapsing Sept 2002. Strangled by a john Dec 2002. Her convicted killer was a married man and previous sexual offender who had cavorted with streetwalkers for years. Quote: “A lot of people think that I think that I’m better than them. Actually I think I’m worse off than them, because I am aware of my situation. I am aware of who I am and I am aware of my potential. And yet, I’m still doing this [smoking crack and streetwalking]. That makes me worse than them.”

mark mathew braunstein

United States


Mark Mathew Braunstein is a nature photographer, Photoshop instructor, college art curator, and author of three books and many articles about art, literature, philosophy, vegetarianism, wildlife, and drug law reform, especially in regards to medicinal marijuana, for which he was the poster child for 15 years for the State of Connecticut until its legalization at long last in 2012.

In 1987, he moved to a house in the woods, and soon discovered that streetwalkers conducted commerce on the long private road leading to his home. After ten years of collecting their trash, in 1997 he began chronicling their stories and photographing their portraits.