Timothy Bouldry

[email protected] 347-721-6455 United States

Topics of Focus

Social and Environmental issues surrounding landfills in impoverished countries.


Timothy Bouldry photographs and educates people about landfill activity and the people who live from them. His published photographs were used by activists to present to the House of Representatives, The US Senate and The Organization of American States. He was interviewed on shows in Mexico and Nicaragua. The US EPA showcased his photographs and videos at the Vancouver Convention Center during the Methane Expo. Bouldry created an Executive Management Team under the non-profit Right Path Projects and working with an organization called em[POWER] Energy Group to raise money for landfill dependent communities on a global level. His work will expand into the Middle East, Asia and beyond. In 2015, he will be moving to Nicaragua to continue photographing this topic as he begins a Duckweed project at La Chureca to clean the water, as well as, teach English and Yoga and volunteer in helping the healthcare system. All with the help and assistance of em[POWER] Energy Group.