Mireille, 34, from Burundi. Mother of four. Arrived in Kakuma in October 2015 and is enrolled in the French-language course on Ethics offered by the University of Geneva in InZone’s MOOC Learning Center. “One morning in June 2015, armed men came to our house in Bujumbura and arrested my husband, my cousin, and I. They accused us of organizing demonstrations against the regime. In prison, I was tortured and raped. My husband disappeared and I haven’t heard from him yet. My cousin was murdered. On this photo, you can see my ankle, which was broken by one of the policemen, using a metal bar. On the other one, you see Claude, the man who helped me escape, carrying me together with two other men. We fled to Rwanda, where my children and I were reunified. I finally got surgery in Nairobi, and, after five months, got transferred with my family to Kakuma. This experience left me traumatized. They broke my leg, yes, but it’s my heart that was wounded. I don’t keep these photos as evidence but as memories, to help me remember what happened and to remind me how much good or evil can be in someone.”

Antoine Tardy

antoine@antoinetardy.com +41(0)22 54 80 Switzerland


After many years gravitating towards photography, Antoine finally took the plunge and made it his full-time occupation. In his previous jobs in communications and advocacy within international organizations in Geneva (think the UN and the like), he was constantly on the hunt for powerful and meaningful images. Often times, he ended up getting behind the camera, which he certainly did not object to.

Today, Antoine finds his purpose in documenting and telling human stories. To do this, he calls upon his early years studying journalism and social sciences, his incurable curiosity and wanderlust, and his professional background in branding and outreach.

Over the years, Antoine has contributed images to a number of websites, magazines, outreach material and reports, in particular for the benefit of non-profit organizations. His work has been exhibited in Paris, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Dhaka, New York, and Islamabad, among other places.

Antoine is based out of Geneva, Switzerland, and is available for projects worldwide.