Martin, 25, DAFI scholar, from South Sudan. In Kakuma since February 2006. BA in Commerce at Masinde Muliro University, on Kakuma campus. “The first year, I was paying for the fees myself. It was very challenging. When I got the scholarship, I felt deeply relieved. Now I am very optimistic. I am working hard. When I’m done with my degree next year, I will be able to face life outside. I will do my best to change things positively for people. I will also try to do a master’s degree. I see a bright future for myself. I always have. I am getting there, thanks to my hard work. When you go to the camps, you’ll see youth that have finished high school and do not move on to higher levels. We need more support and more opportunities, if possible. Through education, by helping refugees you are helping society. Take the five of us here: now we are empowered and will be able to make a difference in our home countries. Higher education opens up your horizon and perspectives. It elevates you. Refugee youth are willing to learn, to excel. They can benefit so much from it.”

Antoine Tardy +41(0)22 54 80 Switzerland


After many years gravitating towards photography, Antoine finally took the plunge and made it his full-time occupation. In his previous jobs in communications and advocacy within international organizations in Geneva (think the UN and the like), he was constantly on the hunt for powerful and meaningful images. Often times, he ended up getting behind the camera, which he certainly did not object to.

Today, Antoine finds his purpose in documenting and telling human stories. To do this, he calls upon his early years studying journalism and social sciences, his incurable curiosity and wanderlust, and his professional background in branding and outreach.

Over the years, Antoine has contributed images to a number of websites, magazines, outreach material and reports, in particular for the benefit of non-profit organizations. His work has been exhibited in Paris, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Dhaka, New York, and Islamabad, among other places.

Antoine is based out of Geneva, Switzerland, and is available for projects worldwide.