Rajini, 25, was ostracized from her husband’s family after both her children were born with disabilities. Rajni comes from a small village many miles from Bhopal, however, 8-years-ago she married Navneet and as is Indian custom, moved into his parents' house in the water-contaminated colony of Shivshakti Nagar near Union Carbide's solar evaporation ponds. These ponds were the company's dumping ground for all their toxic waste. Rajni's in-laws blame her for their disabled grandchildren and say she has brought bad luck into their family.

Amiran White

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I was born and raised in England, but began my photojournalism career in North America stringing for The Associated Press in Portland, Ore. From there I spent 10-years working as a staff photographer on various daily newspapers in Oregon, Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

I have since traveled through Central America, India and Europe as an independent photographer and have recently returned to the states, basing myself in Oregon.

I earned the Community Awareness Award from the 60th Photographer of the Year International and the Golden Light Award for documentary work and have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. In 2010 I had work in the Positive View exhibition at Somerset House in London- http://www.apositiveview.com/ and in the Panda Gallery in New York City, and I currently have work in an exhibit at the Wright Museum of Art in Wisconsin.

My photographs have recently appeared in The Oregonian, The New York Times, Geo Saison, Visual Anthropology Review, People Magazine, MSNBC.com and with Zuma Press.