Dafin Reyes preparing string bean structure.

Alexandru Salceanu


Topics of Focus

Social and Environmental Justice

Geographic Areas of Focus



My artistic concerns revolve around themes pertaining to certain tensions: power and vulnerability; illusion and reality; loss of identity and the evolution of a global culture. These themes arise from reconciling my childhood and cultural identity based in Communist Romania with my assimilation into the culture of the United States. In addition, living behind the "Iron Curtain" has led me to contemplate and analyze a number of issues, such as corruption of ideology, repression, and indoctrination. The combination of these foundational experiences informed my perspective, allowing me to connect parallels between the past and present and to consider the impact of current socio-political trends. As a result, I view the human condition in terms of cycles of great struggle, which too often seem Sisyphean in nature. At the same time, my work also investigates the quiet characteristics of resilience and dignity present within these tensions.

To see more of my work please go to: www.alexandrusalceanu.com.