"Real Lives that make a Real Difference."

Mark Abouzeid

mja@markabouzeid.com +436646573466 Austria

Topics of Focus

intangible heritage, social development, cultural integration, human rights, economic sustainability

Geographic Areas of Focus

Africa, Middle East, Europe


Mark Abouzeid is an award winning documentary filmmaker, photojournalist, and slowmedia storyteller. A self-defined ‘Culture Explorer’ he has been capturing the oral histories, living heritage and human endeavours of people around the globe for over 20 years. He has received numerous awards and recognition including a Prize for Peace from the Region of Puglia for his project, “My Enemy My Brother” (2002).

Abouzeid specialises in projects relating to oral traditions, living culture and intangible heritage of peoples around the world including Jordanian Bedouin, Omani Dhow Artisans, Ghanese Kente Weavers, Nigerian Carvers, Moroccan Berbers, Senegalese Tribesmen, Tunisian Octopus Fisherman, Lebanese Goat Herders and many others.

His years of experience in the field, often under extreme conditions, allows him to build compelling features and documentaries based upon his creative, sensual and bold imagery. Gifted with a natural curiosity into the human condition and the diversity of our cultures, Abouzeid lives in the communities he captures…he works with them…cooks with them…and plays with them.

“After a while, I become invisible to my subjects. The camera disappears, even when it is right in front of their faces, and they go on about their lives as they would normally. This is the only way to capture the true nature of oral societies and traditional cultures, as they unfold naturally. Anything else, would be a staged performance without true context.” Mark Abouzeid, 2013

Abouzeid is currently the founding director of Cedars Productions, an indie film production company created with the scope of preserving the vast cultural diversity of our planet. His short film, “Interview with an Assassin”, was shortlisted by the Florence Film Festival and his documentary work on the Dying Seas will be the centrepiece of exhibits at the Maritime Museums of Valencia, Barcelona and EU Maritime Museum in Marseille. In 2016, his short “Finding My Lebanon” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2016 and, in the same year, two heritage videos for SlowFood Beirut were introduced by Carlo Petrini, founder of SlowFood. Abouzeid is the Director of ‘HUMAN-ITY’, an upcoming travel and culture webtv series.

As a fine art photographer, he applies the same empathic, storytelling to social provocations on MidEast Peace (My Enemy My Brother, 2007), Bedouin Tribes (Being Bedouin, 2009), Blues Musicians (A Year of Blues, 2010), Italian Integration & Racism (The New New World, 2012), Fashion and Performance Culture (Liquid Silk, 2013) and the North-South divide (AFRICA rising!).