Kavugho Vawhere -15 years old This young teen was terrified that she was pregnant. Her friends told her that anytime you are with a man you get pregnant. She refused to let us take her to the hospital for care because she was worried the kids at school would find out what had happened to her. We let her know they could do a test to see if she was pregnant, but the fear of others finding out what had happened and the stigma that would result was too great.

Sarah Fretwell

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 Award-winning photographer Sarah Fretwell lives in Santa Barbara California, but spends as much time as she can traveling the world in search of important unheard stories of those who bear the brunt of conflict and country rebuilding- often women and children. Her goal is to illuminate the truth and beauty of their personal stories and share them with the rest of the world. She believes doing so offers survivors a chance at justice by sharing their story, insight for solutions, and creates the human connection necessary to engage the international community.

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