Joe Eadeh. Deli Owner. Jaffa-Ramallah, Palestine to Burlingame, CA. “People always ask me ‘Where you from? Where you from? Where you from?’ I say, ‘I’m Palestinian.’ Then, ‘When did you come?’ I say, ‘I came before you were born!’ I will be 65 years old this year. No retirement card for me. Still working hard. “I was born in Ramallah. In1948. But I was conceived in Jaffa! People used to go to Jaffa to work. It wasn't a divided country. My grandfather had a business there. My father got a job there with the English government. In 1948 we fled to Ramallah until 1961 when we left for the USA on a cargo ship from Beirut. “Here I got lost in a way, between being Palestinian or being American. I went to school here. Met Americans. There were no Palestinians or Arabs then in Philadelphia. “In 1984 I came to San Francisco for a Ramallah convention. I met Jacqueline and we got married. There are a lot of Arabs here. Oh, my god. It's more comfortable. It's not just Palestinians. You have all different Arabs. You got Lebanese. You got Syrians, Iraqis, Moroccans. You got the whole Middle East here.”

Najib Joe Hakim United States


Najib Joe Hakim works as a freelance photographer and photojournalist in San Francisco. His work has been published in national and international magazines and newspapers. He has won numerous awards including Best Photo Essay from the CA Newspaper Publishers Assoc., Photo of the Year twice by Peninsula Press Club, Best Portrait and Best Feature Photo awards from the East Bay Press Club.

His current project: Home Away from Home: Little Palestine by the Bay opens in San Francisco Oct. 30, 2014.The project was funded by grants from the SF Arts Commission Cultural Equity Fund and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture. In 2007, Hakim was nominated for a US Artist Fellowship.

He has exhibited his personal work in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, The Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO, The Vermont Photo Place Gallery, India and Vietnam.